Technical data

Weight: 3030 kg
Height: 2040 mm
Length: 2285 mm
Width: 1086 mm
Weight: 500 mm
Tires: Pneumatic tires
Tyres in front: 6.50-10-12 PR
Rear tyres: 5.00-8-10 PR

Goodsense FD18 G-Series Diesel Forklift

17 400 (+VAT)


Manufacturer: Goodsense
Power source: Diesel
Lifting capacity: 1800 kg
Fork lenght: 1070 mm
Lifting height: 3000 mm
Mast: Duplex
Engine: Isuzu C240
Condition: New
Warranty: 24 months

Technical data

Weight: 3030 kg
Length: 2285 mm
Width: 1086 mm
Height: 2040 mm
Weight: 500 mm
Tires: 6.50-10-12 PR
Tires: 5.00-8-10 PR

The most compact IC forklift in the GOODSENSE range, the 1.8 tonne diesel forklift is designed for demanding indoor and outdoor applications, suitable for the most demanding 24-hour logistics and distribution operations, offering low operating costs.

  • A strong chassis and strong mast construction optimize load retention at high lifts with excellent visibility and rigidity
  • The fully isolated transmission uses elastomeric mounts to minimize noise and vibration, and the drive axle’s full floating design increases reliability and reliability for longer service life
  • Trouble-free hydraulic systems with leak-free O-ring seal fittings increase reliability and are non-mechanical
  • The innovative cockpit design offers the driver easy access, excellent all-round visibility and conveniently located controls
  • Simplified wiring and hydraulic layout provides increased access to components, reducing service time for unscheduled repairs and routine maintenance
  • A number of accessories are available to match performance to application, including advanced hydraulic and cooling system options

These engines are specifically designed for forklift use, with low fuel consumption, less noise and vibration, all features that improve the overall performance of the forklift.

PDF catalogue – Goodsense 1-1.8T Diisel trucks

Optional extras

Can be ordered with many accessories!

- Sideshift
- Sideshift with positioner
- Heated cabin
- Solid tyres
- Masts with different heights from 3 to 6 metres
- Triplex mast
- Freelift mast
- Front glass
- LED work lights
- Rotator


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