Commission sales


Commission sales are a great way to offer forklifts to our customers, as we have a large customer base and a large warehouse to store our forklifts.


Can't find use for a old forklift and don't have time to sell it? Goodsense Baltic also offers commission sales for forklifts!


If necessary, we will carry out the necessary maintenance and repairs to your forklift, so that it is in good working order and quickly finds a new owner!


Free forklift storage gives you the opportunity to quickly get rid of your old forklift when the You buy a new one from us.


The fee is negotiated and allows our customers to earn extra revenue from the sale of their own forklifts.


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Savo Auto AS esindus asub Tartu maakonnas, Tamme 19, Tõrvandi, Ülenurme vald 61715.

Meie mitmekülgsesse valikusse kuuluvad: kahveltõstukid, lennujaama tehnika (õhusõiduki puksiirid, pagasitraktorid, pagasikärud, reisijatrepid), alusesiirdajad ja tõstetehnika varuosad.

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Savo Auto AS is located in Tartu county, Tamme 19, Tõrvandi, Ülenurme parish 61715.

Our versatile range includes: forklifts, airport equipment (aircraft tugs, baggage tractors, trolleys, passenger ladders), stackers and lifting equipment spare parts.