About us


Looking for a trusted partner for your lifting needs? You are in the right place!

Goodsense Baltic OÜ is a company established in 2017 by AS Savo-Auto, which has been operating since 1994. We have specialised in the sale, repair and maintenance of forklift trucks for almost 30 years and our experienced team is ready to help you with all your needs. Smooth running of your projects and safe conditions for your workers is our priority.

Savo Auto AS is located at Tamme 19, Tõrvandi, Ülenurme
parish 61715, Tartu county
Our versatile range includes: forklifts, airport equipment, chassis extenders and spare parts for lifting equipment. In addition, we offer used forklifts, their spare parts and repairs.

The Tallinn office is located at Reti tee 6, Peetri, 75312 Harju county, Finland